Joyce Peñas Pilarsky, first Filipina to win Classic Mrs. Asia Int’l Global 2014 12:03 am | Thursday, July 3rd, 2014

MANILA, Philippines—Manila rejoices as new beauty queen Joyce Pilarsky brings home the crown, honor and prestige of being the first Filipina to win the Classic Mrs. Asia International Global 2014.

The Mrs. Asia International Pageant (MAIP) happened last June 28 at the Menara PGRM Dewan Wawasan in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

On its third year, MAIP is an annual beauty and personality competition that champions the true essence of the modern empowered women. The pageant highlights how these women were able to achieve the balance and harmony in their lives that contributed significantly to the growth and welfare of their families and the society.

Pilarsky bested fourteen finalists from India, Borneo, Macau, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Singapore and other Asian countries.
“It is my dream to become a beauty queen and praise God, it happened!” exclaims the newly crowned Classic Mrs. Asia International Global,” during her intimate press conference held at the Roma Salon of the Manila Hotel.
Pilarsky was formerly Mrs. Philippines-Germany (2000) and Mrs. WI Philippines (2013).

“It is with great pride to be a beauty queen because I know that beauty queens are springs of honor and dignity of the country. Many Filipinas dream of becoming one. Being a beauty queen gives you the voice to be heard. Whenever you speak, people listen and you are treated with so much respect and admiration,” says Pilarsky.
Summing up, “As Classic Mrs. Asia International Global 2014, I want prove to the world that if you dream, and you give it to God, dreams do come true. Also, I want people to understand that more the physical beauty, inner beauty is more important than physical attributes; it is the character of the person inside that is most important. All of us are beautiful if you have a beautiful heart, we must make a conscious effort to make a difference in the lives of the people surrounding us, we must make an effort to do well, to make everyone feel good and feel beautiful inside. I just want to spread God’s love in this world.”

Ms. Pilarsky is also into fashion design. Her Joyce Penas Pilarsky’s JPP Daring Collections are day wear end evening gown collections that highlight the inherent beauty of the Filipina.

“The figure, shape, skin and the over-all femininity of the Filipino woman, the clothes I create enhances further the Pinays beauty. When they wear a Joyce Pilarsky, they radiate with confidence, the glow and satisfaction are evident and you see it on their faces, they become proud of their bodies, they know that they can beguile and bewitch,” says the fashion maven.

Every day wear collections are in white, and in hues that reflect the bounty and beauty of the environment. The red carpet ready evening gowns are in dazzling jewel colors and lovely pastels.

“Only natural materials are used as fabrics in my collection. Nothing is synthetic. There are no harsh irritants that can damage the skin and the clothes allow the skin to breathe,” Pilarsky shares. “Making use of natural fabrics like the pineapple, abel Iloco, silk gazar and organic cotton, is my way of educating people about the premium of being healthy and caring for the environment. It is not only what they eat is important but also in what they do and they wear.”
The fashion designer says, “Normally, when people hear or read the word organic, immediately, they equate to boring or not wearable. My clients are always pleasantly surprised when they wear a Joyce Pilarsky creation because immediately, they feel comfortable, it lightens their vibe and their aura changes, they feel more beautiful.”

She emphasizes once more the beauty of the heart, “Having a good heart and compassion makes you more beautiful. There is truth to the saying that beauty is skin deep. That is why in my clothes, I tap into that, that feeling that makes a woman feel beautiful. When she goes to my shop, we talk, I design for her and when she picks it up, she fits it and I see the satisfaction in her face.
Empire Cut count with electric pleats

“Because I styled her from head to foot, she feels confident, feeling like a queen or a princess perhaps, looking and feeling lovely. To see a woman looking so happy and knowing that when she goes to the event, all eyes are on her, she becomes the belle of the ball, she feels so loved, that is what you get when you wear a Joyce Pilarsky. In my small way, I made her realize how beautiful she is, if I could make a lot of women happy, why not?”

The Joyce Pilarsky Collection was featured at the London Fashion Week’s Ecoluxe Runway, the first-ever EcoLuxe sustainable luxury fashion show, the United Arab Emirates Green Festival, at the Abu Dhabi Mall, Abu Dhabi, the festival, held last April, was an Emirate-wide celebration designed to educate its people about a better way of life under the theme “Live, learn and have fun in a low-carbon world” and in the Philippine Fashion Week.

Her ultimate dream is to be an international fashion brand with no less than Angelina Jolie as signature model.

The local celebrities who already wore a Joyce Pilarsky are actress and fashionista Solenn Heussaff, equestrienne Mikee Cojuangco-Jaworksi and the reigning Miss World Megan Young.

She finds Angel Locsin, Anne Curtis and Iza Calzado as, “Three of the most beautiful actresses nowadays.Looking forward to dress them up and see them on the red carpet wearing my evening gowns.”

All her love and energies are focused in the Philippines because her compassion is what motivates her to inspire and help others, “I want to help a lot of women, most especially the skilled workers, my partners and suppliers who provide me with the natural fibers and the many wonderful ornaments and embellishments I use in my clothes. By doing so , not only do I further promote Filipino products, I am able to help these women and their families.”

Through the Jocelyn Penas Pilarsky Foundation which she founded, some of her most noteworthy philanthropic endeavors are the house and floating school built for the Manobo cultural communities im Agusan del Sur; school for street children in Bustos, Bulacan and the building of homes and classrooms in Bohol.

Ms. Pilarsky also received from the Asia Pacific Council the 2014 Asian Achiever awardee as Outstanding Fashion Icon; the 2014 Dangal ng Bayan awardee as outstanding fashion and jewelry designer and civic leader and 2014 Seal of Excellence awardee as outstanding fashion and jewelry shop.

Aside from fulfilling her obligations as the reigning Classic Mrs. Asia International Global 2014, she is set to have fashion shows in Boston, New York and London.
Joyce Penas Pilarsky’s JPP Daring Collections is located at Scandic Palace, 4291 Emilia St., Palanan, Makati City.

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