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JPP Dreamworld Productions

What We Do

What makes a dress beautiful? The woman, of course. And our design process is driven by her. Fabrics that feel good against the skin, hues that she’ll have trouble choosing between, fits that bring confidence

Gown & Suit

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Movies Produced by Dra. Joyce Pilarsky

Sikreto ng Piso

Family-oriented comedy film ‘Ang Sikreto ng Piso,’ (The Secret of the Philippine Peso Coin) is a family-oriented comedy and historical film inspired by actual events on the smuggle of the Philippine peso coin in 2006.

New Generation Heros

It is a touching film that narrates the story of four individuals that tackles the world of teaching in all its forms. It is topped-billed by today’s most sought-after seasoned actress Ms. Aiko Melendez and veteran actress Ms. Anita Linda,International Fashion Designer Joyce Penas,Dexter Doria,Gloria Sevilla,Roby Sy, and Debraliz Valasote.